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This story begins in the beautiful, big/small country of Iceland.

Why Skyrta?

An aspiration to create better fitted clothing for men in early days of summer 2013. Two friends started an enterprising gig providing made to measure shirts with an emphasis on personal customer experiences. We called it SKYRTA, which literally means SHIRT in English. Gaining a faithful following as  showed itself to be the best place and value to get your hands on a perfectly fitted, contemporary shirt experience.

Sometimes the tale of getting measured as an individual, to sharing it with their friends, happened in the park in downtown Reykjavík. We learnt that people have individual and unique tastes in what they like to wear.

Story of our shirts in standard sizes

How we got here?

Having measured over a thousand men (and a few enthusiastic women), we carefully considered the choices and styles of our customers, gathering tons of essential data on body measurements and body types. Based on the newly acquired numbers,we developed our own fits in universal sizes. We introduced our first designer collections soon after with a boutique store, in downtown Reykjávik.

We cut the price tag between a made to measure shirt to an off the rack shirt. The fits speak for themselves. The increased demand for well fitted shirts, exotic prints, quality in shirtmaking, it allowed us a vertical production unit to cater to our customers around the world. 


How we do it?

We focus on providing subtle twists to classic garments. In designs, collar types, exotic prints and foremost in the professional construction of every garment we sell so it remains unique to individuals. 

A SKYRTA shirt, is funky yet sofisticated. Its adaptable but always stands out for the right reasons. We are designers and fashion-preneurs, though we are not haunted by a competitive industry, we capture the finest craftmanship in a fresh, funky twist to every day menswear with a sense of refinement. 

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