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Customer reviews

Mjög sáttur. Tilbreyting að eiga skyrtu sem passar, mun koma aftur og láta sérsauma meira. Ekki spurning.

Daði Sveinsson, Iceland

Skyrta is amazing! I found it when I was on vacation in Iceland and am so glad I did. The clothes are unique and their service is spectacular.
They ship clothing on a timely basis and it arrives in perfect shape. Terry is a great judge of what might be of interest and works very hard to provide new and interesting options.
They are an outstanding store!

Joel Schlessinger, Nebraska

I had a bulk order of shirts made with my own fabric and they turned out perfect, even the patterns on the fabric were matched up beautifully. They were very helpful with making sure I had the right details in the shirt pattern and buttons and everything. Super happy with the final products!

Isobel Grad, Iceland

Best shirt I’ve ever owned!

Matthew Griffin, Sweden